Mary and Leslie

 Mary and Leslie Tevis had a vision of creating a beautiful and inviting space for people to gather for special occasions. And just like past generations of farmers, they decided that a barn would be the perfect place to bring people together. In the past, barn raisings were special occasions for families in the area. At the heart of Red Cedars is a barn that was raised in the late 1800s. For generations that barn housed animals, stored hay, and sheltered farm equipment. It stood the test of time through droughts, storms, harsh winters, and blistering summers. Now it has had some upgrades and additions, but at the center the barn still stands true. With new purpose, Red Cedars Event Barn is the perfect place to have a wedding, birthday party, retirement party, Christmas party, or family reunion.  We hope you will get in touch with us about booking your next amazing event at Red Cedars Event Barn.